Water Transit Services, LLC
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Complete Mushroom Mooring Systems
We will assemble and/or install the mooring system for you. Call for info.

Mooring Pendants
We custom make mooring pendants ranging from the standard 3-strand line to high tech Amsteel pendants. If you're not sure what you need I'll be happy to recommend the options for your mooring.

Info Needed:
-Overall boat length and type
-Area to be moored in (protected vs open ocean)
-Mooring type and swing area
-Distance from water to bow and bow to cleat(s).

Some of the available options:

3- Strand Pendant Options
-Eye size
-Stainless/Galvanized thimbles

Amsteel Options
Single or double length of Amsteel Blue coupled to an oversized nylon section. The Amsteel provides superior abrasion resistance on the boat side and the nylon 3-strand section provides elasticity to the mooring system.